Ana Ana, from the arab 'I am'.

Ana Ana / Online Gallery

Imagine inviting friends home to talk about art, share works or ideas. Now imagine doing it online, and this is what you get. Our virtual gallery is a place where you choose your new artwork, or simply get to know new artists and their insights on art and life.

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Ana Ana / Artistic Habitat

Ana Ana is a plural space, where anything can happen. From exhibitions to gastronomic events, pop up concepts or artistic residences, among others. Five concept rooms are available for rentals during the whole year. 

It is also the house-atelier of the artist and creative director Eric de Bruijn.

The Artists

Alain de Bruijn

Alain de Bruijn connects concepts with object. He designs and implements interior hospitality. Is conscientious yet playful. Is cutting edge.  

Meinke Flessman

She is greatly influenced by her natural surroundings and one´s relationship with the land, people and animals. Tonally sublime, the sweeping and confidant brushstrokes in her work take the viewer on an emotional journey. 

Eric de Bruijn

Eric is an artist and designer whose work focuses on abstract oil and mixed media paintings. He is also the Creative Director of many interior design projects, and hospitality is one of his main passions. 

Saad Ali

As a philosophical sunset of love, the works of Saad Ali, recreates images of sensuous poetics taken from mythology — doves, moons, suns, fruits — where a type of terrestrial paradise seems to be present.

João Bruno

João Bruno Videira is an artisan and designer since 2006. He reinvented the use of a Portuguese raw material: the Arraiolos wool, by applying it to furniture — so far of exclusive use of the tapestry.  

Maria Pratas

Maria Pratas is a textile artist. There is a very natural and raw way of feeling her work. It is the textile and the wood that command all the process. What constantly feeds her state of mind is her likeness for creating objects.

'A picture is a poem without words' — Horace

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